The ACRE brand combines the power of multiple product solutions operating in a number of enterprise markets to deliver disruptive technologies and services across the globe. The leadership position ACRE embodies in the innovative technology marketplace enables it to seek new opportunities that drive continued and sustained growth while strengthening momentum for future endeavors.

RS2 Dealer Conference Feb 16-17th

The RS2 Annual Dealer Conference will be held on February 16 & 17, 2021 as an interactive, virtual networking experience.

The event, powered by WebEx-Events, will bring the best of innovation, insights and tools to help RS2’s dealers and partners build a stronger, more sustainable business. More details will soon be announced on the RS2 Tech website.

Vanderbilt Launches New Kit List Builder Tool

The kit list builder tools supports customers in building a Vanderbilt access control system. The tool isn’t just ideal for security businesses; the system is ideal for an end-user, specifier or consultant looking to create a bespoke access control solution with just a few clicks for a wide range of projects. Best of all, it is free to use!

ACRE Reflects on 2020

There wasn’t a whole lot about 2020 that screamed “normal,” but ACRE and its brands have remained confident and hopeful that the physical security market will stand this test like it has done so many times before.

In this blog article, we’re reflecting on the year and sharing some of the biggest highlights.

Tom Galvin in SDM Mag Discussing Security Appliances

Tom Galvin, founder and chief product officer of Razberi Technologies, is quoted in the article “Security Appliances: What They Do & How to Select Them” in the November issue of SDM Magazine. He describes the functions that one appliance can perform and the many components that one appliance can replace.

ACRE Acquires Texas-Based Razberi Technologies

Today ACRE announced the acquisition of Razberi Technologies based in Farmers Branch, Texas. This purchase will enhance ACRE’s strategic expansion plans for strengthening its video and communications business and product portfolio.

Press Release: ACRE Partners with WaveLynx Technologies

ACRE announced today that the ACRE brands will launch ACT ID, a new cloud-based mobile credential application that enables organizations to utilize both iOS and Android smartphones with existing WaveLynx multi-technology readers.

SecurityVIP Podcast Panel Discussion Event on October 5th

An upcoming installment of the ACRE-sponsored SecurityVIP Podcast will publish its first-ever panel discussion covering healthcare security and access control. It will feature end-user commentary by RS2 Technologies customers and discuss the challenges being faced in the healthcare industry.

Security Magazine Names Kim Loy to "Women at the Forefront"

ACRE Chief Product Officer Kim Loy is featured in this month’s article on “Security Leadership: Women on the Frontline”. In her interview, Kim talks about perseverance in the enterprise security industry, and a passion to serve, protect and facilitate public/private safety and security.

Open Options Launches Their New Connect Care App

Connect Care is a free app for your smartphone that delivers the most connected experience in the security market by providing you with best-in-class services including education, documentation, personalized support services, media and live chat – all in your pocket.

International Security Journal speaks to ACRE President David Sullivan

In this exclusive interview, ACRE’s David Sullivan talks about the power of leadership during times of crisis, how Vanderbilt Industries and ComNet are teaming up to maximize effectiveness, the need for training around cloud-based solutions and his career spanning 35 years in the security industry.

ACT365 Releases Contact Traceability Reporting

This video demonstration by Vanderbilt showcases an example of how retailers can use ACT365 in an easy way to prevent overcrowding and abide by social distancing measures, including seeing who entered the same door/room and monitoring doors that require cleaning/disinfecting, when re-opening their business.

A Video Conversation with Joe Grillo and Inside Access Control Podcast

Joe Grillo sits down with host Lee Odess to discuss the impact that the current COVID-19 pandemic has had on business, how the access control market is changing overall and how ACRE is navigating these unpredictable times.

We also learn a few other fun facts…
Watch and see!

ACRE Brands Respond to Coronavirus Pandemic

The components and systems provided by ACRE’s brands help secure the highest valued assets of its customers. Each of the ACRE brands has established business continuity plans and guidelines to help guide us through every step of the coming days while maintaining the customer support and service that each of them is known for providing.

Vanderbilt & ComNet Combination Ready to Take Off in 2020 Says Sullivan

“No matter what experience I’ve had in the past with integrating businesses, you end up with a few bumps and challenges. And combining Vanderbilt and ComNet under one umbrella was no different. But now that we are through the learning curve, we’re already starting to see better results.” – David Sullivan, President of ACRE International

SDM Podcast: Kim Loy Talks Cyber Security Initiatives

ACRE’s Chief Product Officer talks about the initiatives she’s working to develop for all of ACRE’s products and explores why it’s taken so long for the physical security industry to become more cyber aware in order to protect customers from hackers.

Open Options Announces New Advantage Platinum Status

In 2019, Open Options introduced an enhanced Advantage Dealer Program to recognize and reward dealers for demonstrating outstanding partnership and performance. They just announced the first six dealer partners to attain Advantage Platinum Status. Find out who made the list for 2020.

Vanderbilt Adds Biometric Readers

The latest addition to the ever-growing access control portfolio comes off the back of the launch of Vanderbilt’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) readers and the inclusion of Akuvox’s IP Door Entry Phones. As with the BLE readers, the Biometric readers integrate with ACT Enterprise software.

SIW Video: Joe Grillo at GSX 2019

In this “Caught On Camera” segment, catches up with Joe Grillo to discuss what drives ACRE’s M&A strategy, what he’s looking for in potential acquisition targets and other topics including his enthusiasm for mentoring industry startups and concerns about cybersecurity.

Networking in Harsh Conditions

Harsh industrial applications require environmentally hardened products, as the network and the information delivery system have to be up to the task of working at all times, under any conditions. ComNet’s product team gives Security Infowatch a check list of what to look for when choosing equipment.

Kim Loy Selected for IFSEC Influencers 2020 Judging Panel

Kim Loy, Chief Product Officer at ACRE and Member of the Board of Directors for the Security Industry Association (SIA), has been selected to join the International Judging Panel for the IFSEC Global “Top Influencers in Security & Fire” for 2020.

ACRE CMO to SIA: Leverage the Tech Customers Already Use to Build Stronger Solutions

CMO Kim Loy believes the pace of innovation in the security industry is finally catching up to that of technology already available to consumers.

In this SSI article she discusses the industry’s technology advancements and opportunities for women in the global workforce.

ComNet Enhances Support Services with Vanderbilt Partnership

Vanderbilt and ComNet, both ACRE brands, announced a new strategic integration to offer customers an improved level of service.

The new partnership creates a collaboration between ComNet Europe and Vanderbilt International, leveraging internal systems and supply chain and logistics structures.


RS2 Dealer Conference Feb 16-17th

The RS2 Annual Dealer Conference will be held on February 16 & 17, 2021 as an interactive, virtual networking experience.

The event, powered by WebEx-Events, will bring the best of innovation, insights and tools to help RS2’s dealers and partners build a stronger, more sustainable business. More details will soon be announced on the RS2 Tech website.

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