ACRE Year-End Review: 2022 is Almost in the Rear View Mirror

In the years coming out of a pandemic, it’s not hard to imagine that businesses in the security industry would encounter more than their fair share of twists and turns — and for a lot of us, this has been the case. Supply chain issues are still present (although improving), data leaks still pose a significant threat, and the industry-wide slowdown of 2020 has left us playing catch-up. Despite these drawbacks, however, the ACRE team has not stopped pushing the boundaries of innovation and service. Here are a few ways that ACRE has made 2022 a productive year for the security industry as a whole:

The Cyber and Physical Security Convergence

The ongoing merging of physical and cyber security is nothing new, but in recent years, the security industry has seen a noticeable convergence between physical security and electronic security solutions working in tandem to make old-school practices and newer technologies. With IoT products increasing in popularity in recent years, it stands to reason that if gym equipment, kitchen appliances, and AC units can be controlled remotely through the cloud from off-site, so too can security systems and monitoring devices — with greater efficiency, more practical uses, and better security than before. 

When it comes to physical household devices that have recently gained a connection to the internet for remote controlling, cyber security can often be an afterthought in the minds of new IoT appliance owners. However, this internet connection can put users at risk if devices are not properly secured. This has been a major driving factor behind the dramatic increase in interest in the convergence between cyber and physical security, as the potential for data leaks and real-world harm has been noticed by manufacturers and users alike. The lines between electronic and physical security have become increasingly blurred in 2022, and the security industry can expect to see even more developments in the coming years.

The Growth of the Cloud

Over the last few years the industry has seen a massive shift towards cloud-based access control solutions from self-contained on-premises systems. While this might have been the case otherwise, many attribute this sudden growth to the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 providing an incentive for businesses making use of access control to switch to a low contact solution — which the cloud provided. With this sudden growth in the ACaaS market in 2020, the industry has been reaping the benefits of steady growth well into 2022 with an estimated 12% increase since 2021, and we can expect to see further developments in 2023 and beyond as well.

The Future of ACRE

With brands like ComNet, Open Options, RS2 Technologies, Vanderbilt, Razberi, Feenics, SISCO and Matrix all flying the ACRE banner and others recently joining the ACRE family, customer satisfaction has never been easier to achieve. Each individual brand brings revolutionary new ideas and technologies to the table, and when combined or integrated with our other products, the ACRE team is able to deliver for customers like clockwork — and we plan to keep this momentum going into 2023 as well. This year, we’ve also continued the process of streamlining operations by melding each respective product brand into one — all with the goal of providing the best possible customer experience. With our new leadership at the helm and our reinvigorated brand at the forefront, the sky is the limit for the ACRE family.