Joe Grillo Chats with SP&T News in Canada

In addition to discussing the company’s plans for the future, Joe Grillo sheds light on ACRE’s original inspiration for its founding: “The highly fragmented access control landscape was what got us interested in the beginning to formulate ACRE as an entity. [We felt] like there might be an opportunity to do some consolidation of a lot of relatively small but really good properties in the industry.”

True to that purpose, ACRE soon went on to acquire Siemens security products in the European market (with Joe moving to Germany for hands-on restructuring) and then other companies more recently in the North American market.

We don’t use the full name [for ACRE] anymore — we haven’t in a while — but the concept was ‘access control and related enterprises.’ That was what it originally stood for.

Joe Grillo, Founder and CEO of ACRE

Joe elaborates further about ACRE’s strategy behind its acquisitions, the small but accelerating cloud portion of its business, mobile access and comparing the European vs North American markets.

Read the full SP&T News article to get a rare insight into ACRE’s backstory and Joe’s takeaways from ACRE’s past seven years.