Joe Grillo on the “State of the Access Control Market” (Pt2)

In part two of a two-part article covering the state of the access control market, Security Systems News explores the customer’s point of view while identifying the strengths and market gaps shaping this niche of the security industry.

In a fluid and varying physical access control (PAC) market today, companies must consider their customers’ realities and then ask themselves how relevant they are to current and potential customers.

Does your company’s product have the convenience of remote access or the ability to integrate with a smart home ecosystem? Brands need to cater to the comforts that customers, including those at the enterprise level, are increasingly demanding.

“Strengths in the market are wireless locks, cloud-based access control and video management solutions, and mobile-centric control and flexibility of locking systems,.”

Joe Grillo, CEO, ACRE

And where are the gaps in this well-served industry? They may not be massive but there are a few, and those gaps can provide opportunity, such as in battery technologies.

(Grillo) believes there’s also work to be done in intelligent access control and locking systems. “Data gathered from card readers and ingress/egress points can be analyzed using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to make facilities more efficient and help alert security operators to potential anomalies.”

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The concept of access control no longer applies only to simply gaining access to a particular space; it literally means controlling access to anything and everything. For continued success in the access control market, knowing and understanding market gaps and strengths, as well as what is likely to come, enables customers to be served to the fullest extent possible, now and into the future. 

Ginger Hill, Managing Editor, Security Systems News

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