The “Security Beat” Report from Day 1 at GSX 2019’s Security Beat column reported a busy first day at GSX 2019. ACRE’s Joe Grillo attended and caught up with SI’s Larry Anderson at the RS2 booth for some industry talk.

“The industry’s momentum will continue to grow,” predicted Joe Grillo, Principal of ACRE. New areas such as cloud and mobile credentialing have the fastest growth rate, but are starting from a much smaller base, he said, so momentum in those categories will take time.

ACRE reports continued growth, though Grillo has expressed some concern around cybersecurity in access control that’s leading more large endusers to conduct penetration testing of systems, scrutiny that should be welcomed by the industry in his opinion.

“Cybersecurity also represents a business opportunity in access control. Concerns about the vulnerabilities of legacy technologies such as 125Khz proximity cards and the Wiegand protocol will likely accelerate the pace of companies upgrading their access control systems.”

Joe Grillo, CEO, ACRE

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