Joe Grillo Weighs In on “State of the Access Control Market”

In part one of a two-part article covering the state of the access control market, Security Systems News explores the major trends shaping this niche of the security industry. After all, trends reflect the needs of consumers and serving the customer’s needs are good business. So what’s trending in the business?

  • Convergence and integration
  • Consumerization of security with mobile, wireless and cloud technologies
  • IoT, cybersecurity, user experience and product innovation

“Products from multiple manufacturers, more acceptance of cloud-based access control and video management platforms and an increased use of mobile credentials and mobile applications to manage platforms have all resulted from converging and integrating,” Joe Grillo, CEO, ACRE explained.

“Mobile capabilities in access control are becoming more mainstream and in demand from end-user customers and integrators because they want the flexibility to use a smartphone to access specific areas.” 

Read the article in its entirety on the Security Systems News website to learn about the “proptech” buzz and discover where opportunity lies in the market.