Q & A with Egis Capital Partners’ Robert Chefitz, an ACRE Equity Partner

Egis is a private equity partner for companies like ACRE that provide critical physical and technology-driven security solutions. Founded in 2008, the firm has made 14 investments across the security space.

SecurityInfoWatch.com recently caught up with Robert Chefitz, Managing Partner at Egis Capital, to get his thoughts on which industry technologies and services are trending up and what characteristics he believes make a company investable.

Chefitz has specialized in security industry investments since 1990. Find out why he chose to focus exclusively on investing in security companies and what technologies he believes are primed for investment in the coming few years.

We’re looking for companies whose management teams have embraced at least an element of technology in their solution and have the capacity for ongoing growth. If you look at a company like ACRE where we were the initial investor in backing (ACRE CEO) Joe Grillo, who sits on our advisory board, he clearly had the capacity to grow beyond that initial acquisition of Mercury.

Robert Chefitz, Egis Capital Partners

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