Security Today: Management, New Owner See a Brighter Future

ACRE CEO Joe Grillo and Chief Product Officer Kim Loy talk about the recent acquisition by Triton, the state of the industry during pandemic times, and ACRE’s future growth in this Security Today interview.

While the access control and physical security industry in general saw around a 5% decrease in revenues for 2020, the company is an essential business and was therefore able to stay in operation throughout the pandemic. Grillo and Loy both believe the market downturn allowed management to learn how to operate safely, and to plan for pent-up demands the end user will have in products such as visitor management.

They predict face-to-face events, like tradeshows, will continue to be put on hold, and when shows return they will be at a smaller scale, but that the physical security industry’s future as a whole is strong.

“We expect to continue to grow, maybe faster because this is a bigger group. Triton spent time with us; to get to know us, our brands, customer base and our interest in the electronic access control vertical.”

Joe Grillo, CEO, ACRE

ACRE’s management team anticipates that the Triton partnership will support the company’s continued investment in innovation and bringing their market-leading solutions to customers.

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