SecurityInformed Interview: What’s Next in the Pipeline for ACRE

Larry Anderson, Editor of Security Informed & Source Security, speaks to ACRE founder and CEO Joe Grillo, a 30-year industry veteran of the security industry, about the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market, ACRE’s future and new opportunities opened up by the Mercury Security sale.

Larry covers questions like: So what are you looking for in an acquisition?

Grillo: It’s hard for us to find something that moves the needle, and you have to find that right balance. Is it something we can digest and have the financing for, and also is there room on the back end?

Learn more about what’s next, plans for growth and Grillo’s thoughts on how the economic cycle will impact the security market.

We are well-funded, have great partners, and see an opportunity to continue to grow acquisitively as our highly fragmented space of access control continues to consolidate.
– Joe Grillo

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