Why manufacturers must change their cybersecurity mindset.

In an article featured on Security Infowatch, Kim Loy takes a critical look ahead at how manufacturers must incorporate cybersecurity in their product roadmaps to address potential vulnerabilities and ensure strengthened devices.

Cyber attacks have become problematic across all industries and are a major threat to businesses. Devices are increasingly connected along a network which puts them at greater risk for a breach. Manufacturers need to be motivated to move from a “fix it when it happens” mindset to take a proactive initiative, investing time and resources into cybersecurity for networked devices. Focus must shift to reducing known vulnerabilities in products and legacy installations.

The good news is that the Security Industry Association is taking the lead, working toward developing standardized cybersecurity best practices for connected devices modeled after best practices already in place across all industries, internationally. Establishing and adhering to these standards has the potential to result in a competitive advantage for manufacturers who adopt the practices and provide added value for customers.

Until manufacturers can look at the development and updates of their products — both hardware and software — and say that they’ve truly done everything they can to protect your organization’s data, they can’t rest. Security that begins through the design of products, and is set in motion through standard cybersecurity protocols, is the future of the industry.

– Kim Loy, Chief Product Officer of ACRE

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