ACRE is one of the industry’s most innovative technology partners and a global leader in physical security systems and services. ACRE supplies advanced, scalable, easy-to-use and integrated systems across access control, intrusion detection, and communication network platforms for applications of all sizes and complexity.  Incorporating open architecture and third-party integrations, ACRE’s software and hardware manage best-in-class systems for customers worldwide.

Access Control On-Premises Access Control In The Cloud Intrusion Detection ComNet

Access Control On-Premises Solutions

ACRE provides a variety of on-premise brands to meet the needs of various geographies and vertical market needs.  These systems are deployed locally, employing on-site servers.  This traditional on-site access control model is a highly effective physical security solution that fulfills a core security objective for users around the world.  All of our access control software platforms are complimented by a full suite of hardware.

Access It!

Access It! is a comprehensive access platform that is optimized to scale. It provides an easy-to-use interface that allows complete flexibility in managing access for applications ranging from small, single buildings to large, global enterprises across multiple servers.  Access It! brings together strong integration and interoperability with best in class third party technology partners. The Access It! platform works with Mercury Security brand hardware, deploying an open architecture model. The software is installed in applications globally.

ACTpro / ACT Enterprise

ACTpro provides optimal security for a system up to 32 doors with software installed directly on the panel. As a system grows beyond 32 doors, ACT Enterprise is deployed, providing support for up to 4,000 doors taking advantage of a facilities initial investment in ACTpro. The software provides flexibility to update and maintain the system efficiently resulting in time and cost savings. Installed in systems throughout Europe.

DNA Fusion

DNA Fusion delivers a complete and scalable access control solution for any organization ranging from the multi-campus enterprise to a single lobby entrance.  DNA Fusion takes full advantage of the distributed network architecture model allowing organizations to monitor and manage several integrated systems through a single common interface.  DNA Fusion’s FLEX API allows other systems and 3rd-party applications to interface directly to DNA Fusion.  Add, remove and modify various system components through your front end with our API.  DNA Fusion works with Mercury hardware deploying an open architecture model.  Installed in applications in North America and the Middle East.

lite blue® and bright blue® Web-based Intelligent Access Management

lite blue® and bright blue® deliver unprecedented simplicity in a cost-effective, easy-to use access control solution.  This portfolio is designed to meet the needs of a variety of SMBs and K-12 environments.  Starting with support for 2-doors, this Web-based access control solution has expansion capabilities up to 32 doors.  Designed using embedded intelligence, these systems do not require special software or a dedicated PC, allowing users the flexibility to manage their system from anywhere with Internet access.  Both lite blue and bright blue work on proprietary hardware.  Installed in applications in North America.

SMS:  Enterprise Security Management System

The Security Management System (SMS) is ideally suited for large, multi-site or global organizations.  With fully scalable support for cardholders and readers, SMS delivers a powerful, single source solution for integrating a facility’s access-control technologies, digital video, visitor management and alarm monitoring systems.  The SMS API, Advanced Importer and VI Connect offer additional solutions for those with more advanced integration needs.  SMS works with a complete line of proprietary hardware.  SMS has been installed in applications globally.

Matrix - Integrated Solutions

Comprehensive Matrix video systems include monitors, recording equipment, video storage, alarm management tools, playback systems and analytic hardware and software. All integrated with Matrix easy-to-use, proven Frontier access control software. Matrix Systems allow you to screen and track visitors, print badges, generate reports, and track time and attendance, all integrated with your access control system. Matrix wireless solutions are fully integrated into your wired access control system, simplifying installation, monitoring and reporting.

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Access Control & Video Management In the Cloud

ACRE is first to market with a platform that provides both access control and video management without the need to integrate two disparate systems. Deploying a cloud-based solution represents an increasingly important alternative to traditional on-premises access control solutions based on overall cost and performance benefits.


ACT365 is a scalable cloud-based solution that allows remote management of single or multiple locations ensuring you stay connected to your business from anywhere.  Quickly update or remove user permissions, view cameras or open a door from any internet connected device – PC, tablet or smartphone.  Each Access Control Unit (ACU) is a single door IP controller and connects to web-based software hosted in Microsoft Azure.  Video is supported using the Video Control Unit (VCU) and supports up to four cameras per VCU.  Installed in applications globally.

ComNet Razberi Video Surveillance Software Platform

The ComNet brand’s award-winning, open video surveillance Razberi software platform enables access to a wide variety of value-added software applications, ensuring that enterprise customers aren’t locked into a single vendor and can choose the software that best fits their needs. Paired with Razberi appliances, the CameraDefense®, ApplianceDefense™ and Monitor™ software solutions make it simple to deploy, manage and cyber secure surveillance and IoT systems. Enterprise customers have the full flexibility they need to deploy the best software and hardware for their specific application.

Feenics Enterprise Class, Cloud-Based Access Control

Feenics is a cloud-based access control solution that can be accessed anywhere using a simple user interface. Feenics is scalable from one door to global enterprise environments and is available as a desktop app, web client, and mobile app and allows for the complete configuration, administration, and monitoring of your physical access control installation.

ACT Mobile Service

ACRE’s ACT Mobile Service enables dealers and end users to create truly unique, integrated, and immersive in app user experiences using ACT Mobile’s no code/low code development platform. ACT Mobile’s “One Stop Shop” concept eliminates the need to manage multiple apps for individual business systems… with basic experiences that can be up and running in less than 48 hours!

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Intrusion On-Premises Solutions Cloud-Based Management

ACRE provides state-of-the-art commercial intrusion detection systems.  These systems provide protection against unauthorized intruders, preventing property damage as well as personal protection.  The solutions reach a broad set of vertical markets by expanding the system capabilities through integrations with third parties to provide video surveillance, access control and building automation.

SPC Connect Cloud-Based Management

SPC Connect is a cloud-based solution that allows installers to monitor, manage and maintain SPC panels anytime from any location.  SPC Connect allows installers to provide system status reports that are automated and save site visits.  SPC Connect can auto enroll SPC panels into preconfigured groups to immediately provide functions that have been predefined.  End users can download the SPC Connect app free of charge.  The app provides the end user with an interface that displays arming and status information.

SPC On-Premises Solution

The SPC Series are commercial intrusion detection systems, designed to meet EN 50131 standards, that combine a cost-effective design and installation concept with unmatched flexibility and scalability (up to 512 zones).  Our intrusion components can be mixed and matched to expand the system and connect detectors and peripherals from a comprehensive portfolio of wired and wireless products.  System commissioning is achieved through a suite of configuration tools and a high-speed/high-length expander bus with loop topology for high fault tolerance.  SPC offers advanced functions for applications of all sizes and complexity.  SPC is installed in applications throughout EMEA.

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ACRE, through the ComNet brand, is a manufacturer of audio, video, data and Ethernet communications products. ComNet focuses on providing innovative communication networking solutions to the following markets: security, intelligent transportation, power transportation and distribution. The product portfolio consists of fiber optic video, data and audio transmission as well as a broad fiber optic, wireless and copper media Ethernet line. ComNet is designed from the start to set the standard for transmission products; products are installed in facilities globally.

CopperLine® Distance Extending Ethernet Products

CopperLine® is a cost-saving alternative that enables you to use existing copper cabling for Ethernet transmission over longer distances. CopperLine® is an advanced and unique technology that extends Ethernet networks beyond the 100-meter limitation encountered when using COAX or UTP for IP Video and IT projects.

Ethernet Switches and Media Converters

ComNet sets the standard by offering robust Ethernet transmission equipment combined with an unsurpassed level of support that comes standard with every product. ComNet Ethernet products are engineered to meet virtually any high-bandwidth demand your network might require. Available in both industrially hardened and cost-effective commercial versions, ComNet Ethernet products are ideal for every application.

Fiber Optic Video, Audio and Data Transmission Products

For the transmission of video, video and data, multiple video, audio and RS- 232, 422 and 485 data over optical fiber, ComNet offers a comprehensive line of fiber optic transmission solutions for any challenge.

NetWave® Wireless Ethernet

The ComNet NetWave® line offers pre-packaged Point- to-Point kits that contains everything you need to connect one camera or client to an access point. NetWave® Point-to-Multipoint models allow for multiple client/camera locations to connect to an access point.

Razberi Enterprise Video Surveillance Appliances

Razberi brand appliances create a simple, cyber secure, best-of-breed solution for anyone to easily deploy and manage their enterprise video surveillance system. The open product platforms work with top third-party IP video camera, VMS and monitoring software, and include a variety of data center, edge/fog and ruggedized appliances to store and process video. The Razberi brand’s video surveillance software platform with value-added software applications integrates seamlessly with their appliance product line, giving customers the full flexibility they need without vendor lock-in.

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